Mattress Tips



When you purchase a new mattress, it can be exciting to sleep on a new bed again. In fact, if you visited a Douglasville mattress store, you may already know just how comfortable your bed will be before it is delivered. At The Mattress Store, we like to provide our customers with a few tips to help you get the most enjoyment and lifespan out of your new mattress.


After you have received a mattress delivery or taken your new mattress home, there are a few tips we recommend keeping in mind right away. As soon as your mattress arrives, you should remove all of the wrappings off and let it breathe. Although you may have purchased your mattress on our website or in our Douglasville mattress store, it may have been stored in a warehouse.

Every new mattress needs time to air out before you cover it with sheets and sleep on it. You may also consider purchasing a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress. This can help if you ever spill anything on your bed, as well as to prevent dust and allergens from entering the fabric of your mattress.

Our top tips on the purchase and care of your new mattress:

  • Buy a sturdy bed frame that will be able to support your mattress and box spring. For larger beds, this may require a metal bed frame rather than a wooden one.
  • If you ever have to move from one room to another or a new home, you should never bend or fold your mattress to get it through a door frame.
  • Always carry your mattress upright and get assistance from a friend if you are having difficulty moving with it. Holding the mattress that way prevents damage.
  • Clean and vacuum your mattress at last once a year to help clean out any dust, lint, or fabric which may have gathered.
  • As fun as it may seem, we highly recommend against jumping or standing on your mattress. The pressure can damage the internal springs or core.
  • Do not use a board between your mattress and box spring. It will not extend the life of your bed, and it may impact the quality of your sleep.


Although the bed you chose is likely very comfortable and even perfect for you, there is typically an adjustment period getting used to a new mattress. You have spent months or years using another bed, and the feel of the new mattress will be different.